QG air dryer
QG air dryer
This type of equipment, materials to more, in addition to the basic reference materials, but also: methaqualone, ABC intermediates, ABS resin, ASC, white silica, benzene pyrazolone tea, tea meal, oxalic acid catalyst to promote mdm agent, a catalyst, precipitation cartridges, acetyl benzene sulfonyl ammonia nitrogen, amino acid, pyridoxine ears Matuo, benzene acid, ammonium two ethylbenzene, titanium dioxide, activity carbon, sodium fluoride, fluoride quarry, byproduct ammonium sulfate, silica powder, synthetic resin, calcium acid, polypropylene resin, Aureomycin, Jiao sodium, bran perchlorate coffee grounds, oral grapes Chaff, sodium sulfate, sulfide ore, phosphate rock, Portland BB, PVC, melting phosphate, tetracycline, three iron oxide, calcium carbonate, ilmenite, copper, potato starch, and the end of coal, stearic acid salt, corn protein, medicine, pharmacy, iron oxide, such as rosacea.

Fans of the role of decentralization, particularly suitable for heat-sensitive materials flow drying operations. Feixuan the fan impeller speed, can wet, even caking of the materials broken until scattered at the same time in a decentralized process of mixing, blending, and materials and thermal air currents flow in parallel. This type of equipment, caking to dry cake, but also belong to the water surface materials, ≤ 40% water content, or if the deal with a large quantity of dry product requirements to 15%, the air can be 2 dry. When wet materials in excess of 40 per cent. But ≤ 60%, feed more difficult, should be used mixture, dry material through entering into ways to reduce feed water, then drying equipment production have more substantial decline, the economic is the uneconomical. Therefore, users should be using mechanical methods (centrifugation or filtration dehydration), as far as possible to reduce the feed water to ensure that the drying operation is carried out smoothly.

Flow chart


Technical parameters
型号 蒸发水份 (kg/h) 装机功率 (kw) 占地面积 (m2 高度 (m) 
QG50 50 7 20 14
QG100 100 13 32 14
QG200* 200 21 40 15
QG250 250 24 64 15
QG500 500 43 96 18
QG1000* 1000 100 120 18
QG1500* 1500 150 200 20

Note: * No. 2 drying, installed power, the steam heating area calculation


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